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Junior Fiction

Stone Guardians and the Rise of Eden

Book One of the Stone Guardians Fantasy Series

Peter Walsh & Evie O’Malley are two children unaware of their magical abilities until they stumble across a portal that leads them to Eden. Suddenly they are Guardians in training, preparing for a battle to destroy the evil witch holding their parents hostage and save Eden and Earth from destruction.

On their journey they are joined by Fable, a charismatic frog with a penchant for folk songs and storytelling, the stoic Horses of the Hill and Eammon the Great, Master Hunter.

Peter and Evie find themselves on a once in a lifetime adventure, with friends they never imagined, discovering secrets to a past they never knew and the possibility of future they hadn’t dared dream.

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The Last Druid by Jem McCusker

adult fiction

The Last Druid

Celtic Weather Mage, Declan O’Connor, is grieving and blames himself for his mother’s death. When he discovers a breach of the wards of The Stone Order, Declan must work with Clara Hughes; a Traditionalist burdened with human fragility and a spirit he can’t resist.

Connin, the Last Druid, and scourge of the Eastern Lands, launches a desperate bid to escape eternal imprisonment for his crimes against humanity. Determined to escape, he takes a Time Mage hostage and forces The Stone Order to meet his ransom in exchange for their peer’s life.

Hoping to exorcise his demons and redeem himself, Declan agrees to carry out the Druid’s demands even when it means partnering with Clara.

Can Declan and Clara resist a forbidden love, or can they find a way to bridge the divide between them?

adult fiction


A continuation of the blossoming love story of Declan O’Connor and Clara Hughes…

Crossfire by Jem McCusker

junior fiction

The Tales of Barnley Forest: The Golden Child

Oliver Clawfoot holds the esteemed title of Border Crosser – the last of his kind. But what begins as a short trip across the border, quickly turns into disaster… 

Book Two of the The Tales of Barnley Forest Short Stories series will be released soon.

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